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Green Tree Technology Service Co., Ltd Company is As the world’s top intelligent financial transaction technology service provider, with its core technology technologies such as blockchain technology, financial technology research and development, and artificial intelligence transactions, it is providing cutting-edge strategies and intelligent transaction service solutions for the world’s financial technology field to help people around the world Investors achieve stable wealth multiplication.

As a team, we’re incredibly proud of our collective integrity and work ethic in striving for the absolute best for our clients. This is what defines us.


The foundation of our relationships

We aren’t constrained by one-size-fits-all thinking and, instead, take an entrepreneurial mindset and nimble approach to problem solving.


Performance based incentives align our interests with the long term goals of our clients, ensuring that we share in the risk as well as the reward.


Business challenges are solved by money and original concepts; capital will always follow expertise, creativity, and a strong network.


Financial rewards are achievable alongside socially conscious goals--protecting the environment, responsible corporate citizenship, and sustainable economic development.

Services Offered

The world's top smart financial transaction technology service provider


Even if we assume, we believe that technological progress is advancing by leaps and bounds, and higher-level "mental learning mechanisms" and even "self-aware AI" have been developed. AI has begun to surpass humans' ability to control and distinguish complex environments, and the accuracy of predictions has been greatly improved. , But according to the rules of the game in the capital market, unless you can monopolize this technology, when everyone is "all in" using smart robots to enter and exit the stock exchange market, the price will inevitably move closer to "market efficiency" - this is also when quantitative trading becomes popular At that time, the underlying reason why the performance of related funds is getting worse than in the past. (Regarding quantitative trading, there will be a chance to analyze it in a special article in the future.)

GT Aggregation Engine

Its purpose is to combine and analyzes multiple liquidity data sources in real-time

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As a key requirement, our team has enriched the GT aggregation engine with various functions and features that keeps the execution quality at a premium level, with low rejection ratios, including robust rejections recovery methods.

Execution Quality

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Our team is continuously investing in top business analytics and innovative research to advance and expand the product base,with the aim of:
Implementing the most unique and essential features within an ultra-low latency architecture and secure environment.
Resolving the most common problems other similar products face.
Providing key solutions for clients, with high quality service.

The Implementation


State-of-the-art trading platform with real-time pricing and seamless trading

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MT5’s architecture, security, convenient trading and innovative automated dealing are some of the core competencies that give it the edge as top preferred trading platform.

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Complete MT5 control in the palm of your hand. Both Android and iOS devices are supported.
View real-time pricing, use advanced charting and execute trades on the go.

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Privacy Policy

At Green Tree Technology Service Co., Ltd, we recognize that confidentiality and security of the personal information that you share with us is important. Green Tree Technology Service Co., Ltd is committed to protecting the privacy of Personal Information, including Personal Information related to individuals who may be clients, employees, agents, job applicants or others in accordance with the GDPR, with EU data protection rules and the local data protection law.

This Policy is specifically addressed to those who provide Personal Information to Green Tree Technology Service Co., Ltd or those who visit or use Green Tree Technology Service Co., Ltd’s website, trading platforms, software application and social media platforms.

According to Data Protection Law, all the clients’ personal information collected by Green Tree Technology Service Co., Ltd shall be:

• Used lawfully, reasonably and in a transparent way.

• Collected only for valid objectives that the company has clearly clarified to the clients and shall not be used in any other manner incompatible with those purposes.

• Relevant to the purposes; the company has informed the clients and is limited only to those objectives.

• Correct and kept up to date.

• Kept only as long as necessary for the purposes mentioned to the clients.

• Maintained securely.

We highly encourage you to read this Privacy Policy carefully.

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